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"Getting absent students' work to them during class takes up a lot of time. I put a labeled wall file box on a bulletin board for each of my classes. During class, I put the name of the absent student on the paper that he/she should have received for that day and put it in the appropriate file box. This way, the students can stop by and get their work anytime without disturbing the class. This really helped because I only see my students every other day. This system leaves no excuse for the work not to be completed by the next class session. Not only does this make them responsible for their work, but it forces them to talk to me if they have any questions."
Submitted by: Angie Mast mastfarm@email-removed , an eighth grade science teacher at Kokomo-Center Schools in Kokomo, Indiana. This tip was published in the NEA's Weekly "Works4Me" Email list.

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