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The Teacher's Corner Resources Classroom Volunteers Grades All
Keep your classroom volunteers organized! Use on our monthly printable calendars to customize the schedule for your classroom volunteers. Enter their name on the days they will be volunteering that month. You can then print and distribute the calendars.
Submitted by: Jennifer

The Teacher's Corner Resources Classroom VIP

Each day 1 child in my class is the VIP:
They wear a special sticker.
They sit on a special chair.
They choose a friend to take the register to the office/ messages to other classes etc with.
They go at the front of the line for assembly etc.

** Most importantly the other children have to think about that person and tell them what they do that is good eg. 'You are kind', 'You listen to the teacher', 'You try really hard with your writing' etc.**

Because the ideas come form the children it means much more to them and it really boosts them - see the smiles!
It sounds like a hassle but it only takes 5 minutes a day and really makes a difference.

The Teacher's Corner Resources Very Important Parents - Classroom Volunteers Grades All
Very Important Parents FormGive your parents an opportunity to get involved in your classroom. Print and distribute this form at the beginning of the school year. Information collected on this form will help you organize your classroom.
Submitted by: Jennifer