Daily Writing Prompts - September

September Writing Prompts

Daily Writing PromptsBelow are daily writing prompts for the month of September. The majority of the prompts are related to the various events on our September Events Calendar. These events include birthdays, holidays, monthly celebrations, and important dates in history. Some of the dates include two different writing prompts to choose from. You can download a PDF form of the writing prompt.

Don't forget to also print a copy of our September Events Calendar. This will help you utilize the daily writing prompts.

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DISCLAIMER: We have provided “suggested” grade levels for some of our writing daily prompts. These suggestions are made based on the content of the prompt, the interest level of the topic, or the level of background knowledge needed to have the most success possible with the prompt. Please remember that these are suggestions only and each prompt can be modified as needed by you, the teacher. Don’t hesitate to get creative and rework the prompt to best fit the age/needs of your students!

September - General
September is National Coupon Month.  Many of your parents probably use coupons when they go shopping.  Create some of your own coupons to give family members.  An example would be:  “This coupon entitles you to one foot massage.”  Be creative and think of ways you could help out your family. PDF

September is National Honey Month.  Using resources in your classroom, learn how honey is produced by bees and what steps are taken to put it on your kitchen table.  You may even want to draw and label a diagram to go with your writing. PDF

September is National Apple Month.  There are a variety of different apples and they all have their own, unique taste.  Write about one of the following:  What is your favorite apple variety and how do you like to eat it?  OR Create a new dish using your favorite variety of apple. PDF

September is National Book Month.  A new type of book, an eBook, is making its way into homes and classrooms around the world.  An eBook doesn’t use paper and is listened to by the “reader.”  Would you rather read a paper book, listen to an eBook or a combination of both?  Why? PDF

September 1
On the first Monday of each September, we celebrate Labor Day.  This holiday was first celebrated in 1882, in honor of American workers and their achievements.  List all of the different community jobs in your town and then select the one you feel is most important.  Explain why you choose that particular job. PDF

On this day in 1830, “Mary had a Little Lamb” was published.  Create your own rhyme using the same tune. PDF

Today is “National No Rhyme (Nor Reason) Day.” Your teacher will give you a list of words that don’t have a rhyme. ... - Premium Prompt (Grades: K-12) *New*

Today is “National No Rhyme (Nor Reason) Day.” There are a number of words that don’t have a rhyme. Do your ... - Premium Prompt (Grades: 6-12) *New*

September 2
On September 2, 1789, the U.S. Treasury Department was established.  If you could design a new $1 bill, explain what famous American you would have on the front. PDF

On this day in 1987, Philips, an electronics company, announced they would be launching a CD-video that would combine HD video with digital sound. What is your favorite DVD and why? PDF

Today is “National Blueberry Popsicle Day.” Popsicles are an easy snack to make at home. They can ... - Premium Prompt (Grades: K-12) *New*

September 3
On September 3, 1929, author Aliki was born.  Who is your favorite author and what is your favorite book they have written?  Write a letter to them explaining why you like that specific book. PDF

On this day in 1783, the Treaty of Paris was signed.  This treaty marked the official end to the Revolutionary War and America’s Independence.  After learning a little about this time period, why do you think this was such an important point in our country’s history?  PDF

September is “National Potato Month.” Potatoes are a vegetable that ... - Premium Prompt (Grades: K-12) *New*

September 4
September is "National Library Card Sign-Up Month.”  Do you have your own library card?  (If you don’t, you should visit with your parents about getting a card.)  Why do you think the public libraries are so important to our communities? PDF

Today is “National Wildlife Day.” Whether you live in the city or a rural area, you can have a positive impact on the wildlife in ... - Premium Prompt (Grades: K-12) *New*

Today is “National Newspaper Carrier Day.” The first newspaper carrier began tossing the news on doorsteps over 180 year ago. Think about how people get their news today. ... - Premium Prompt (Grades: 6-12) *New*

September 5
September 5th is “National Cheese Pizza Day.”  What is your favorite type of pizza?  Explain to someone how they would make your favorite type of pizza. PDF

On September 5, 1774, the first Continental Congress convened.  One objective of the congress was to compose a statement of colonial rights.  If you had been a delegate representing your colony, what right would you have been fighting for and why? PDF

Today is “National Cheese Pizza Day.” Cheese pizza is one of the most popular ... - Premium Prompt (Grades: K-12) *New*

September 6
On September 6, 2000, a popular MP3 web site was fined for copyright violation.  Instead of purchasing an MP3, visitors could simply download an MP3 free of charge.  Music downloading is a popular activity with both kids and adults.  Do you think you should be able to make a music purchase and share it with everyone you want?  After learning a little more about copyright laws, what is your opinion? PDF

Today is “National Read a Book Day.” Everybody reads!! Take a minute and think about your all-time favorite book. Do one of the following to let everyone know about your book: ... - Premium Prompt (Grades: K-3) *New*

Today is “National Read a Book Day.” Everybody reads!! Take a minute and think about your all-time favorite book. This could be a book that you’ve recently read, or even ... - Premium Prompt (Grades: 3-12) *New*

September 7
September 7, 1927 was the day the first all-electronic television image was transmitted. Philo T. Farnsworth’s invention made it possible to build televisions with no moving parts. What type of an influence do you think television has had on our world? What have been some of the advantages? Have there also been some disadvantages? PDF

On this day in 1860, Grandma Moses, an American folk artist was born.  Think about a picture you have recently drawn or seen.  Describe that picture. PDF

September is “Self Improvement Month.” Draw a picture of ... - Premium Prompt (Grades: K-2) *New*

September is “Self Improvement Month.” Think of a personal goal you would like to set for yourself. This can ... - Premium Prompt (Grades: 3-12) *New*

September 8
On September 8, 1940, poet Jack Prelutsky was born.  He is well known for his fun and silly poems.  Select a school-related topic and write your own poem. PDF

On this day in 1892, the original Pledge of Allegiance was published.  This is not the pledge we recite today because it has been revised two times since its original publication.  Do you think all classrooms in the United States should be required to recite the Pledge of Allegiance each day?  Should students or teachers have the option not to say the pledge?  Why or why not? PDF

Today is “National Ampersand Day.” The ampersand is used to replace the word “and”. People have created art out of this ... - Premium Prompt (Grades: 3-12) *New*

September 9
On this day in 1850, California became the 31st state.  California’s motto is “Eureka!” which is a Greek word meaning, “I have found it.”  This motto can be found on their state seal.  A motto is a brief statement that expresses a goal or idea.  Create a motto for yourself and explain why you chose that motto. PDF

On September 9, 1963, Ming Ming was born at the Beijing Zoo.  Ming Ming was the first giant panda to be born in captivity at the zoo.  What do think are the advantages and/or disadvantages to animals being born in captivity? PDF

Today is “National Teddy Bear Day.” The teddy bear has been around since 1902. It is a popular, cuddly toy of ... - Premium Prompt (Grades: K-12) *New*

September 10
On this day in 1984, a British scientist by the name of Alec John Jeffreys discovered the DNA “fingerprint.”  During his work he discovered that we each have our own unique DNA pattern.  Using resources in the classroom, learn more about the history of DNA and how it’s being used today.  Write at least one paragraph summarizing your findings. PDF

September 10th is “Swap Ideas Day.”  Today or during the week, swap ideas with someone.  This could be a friend, sibling, parent, teacher, neighbor, or anyone.  And the idea can be about anything…just swap an idea! PDF

Today is “National Swap Ideas Day.” What is an idea that you have? Draw ... - Premium Prompt (Grades: K-2) *New*

Today is “National Swap Ideas Day.” What are some of your ideas. Make a list ... - Premium Prompt (Grades: 3-12) *New*

September 11
September 11th is a Day of Remembrance.  As we honor those who lost their lives on this day 2001, make a list of everything in your life that you are thankful for.  PDF

Today is “National Grandparents Day.”  Choose one of the following ideas to write about:

  • Think back to the time when your grandparents grew up.  How was their life similar or different to yours?
  • Write a letter to your grandparents letting them know what’s going on in your life. PDF

Today is “National Make Your Bed Day.” Should you ... - Premium Prompt (Grades: K-3) *New*

Today is “National Make Your Bed Day.” According to the National Sleep Foundation, making your bed ... - Premium Prompt (Grades: 4-12) *New*

September 12
On September 12, 1913, Olympian Jesse Owens was born.  Owens won a number of medals in Track and Field events.  If you could invent a new Olympic event, what would it be and why? PDF

September 12th is “National Chocolate Milkshake Day.”  Write a letter to your school’s principal persuading him or her to serve milkshakes at your school.  PDF

Today is “National Video Games Day.” Both kids and adults love playing video games. Get your creative juices flowing and ... - Premium Prompt (Grades: K-12) *New*

Tomorrow is “National Kids Take Over the Kitchen Day.” Make a plan to ... - Premium Prompt (Grades: K-12) *New*

September 13
September 13th is “Positive Thinking Day.”  Create a “Top 10” list of ways that students can stay positive when things get tough. PDF

On September 13, 1916, author Roald Dahl was born.  One of his more popular books, James and the Giant Peach, was made into a movie.  There is always a debate about which to do first – read the book or see the movie.  Which do you think is the right choice?  Has there been a time when your choice was wrong?  Explain. PDF

Today is “National Peanut Day.” You, or some of your classmates, may have an allergy to peanuts. These little nuts have been a popular snack ... - Premium Prompt (Grades: 4-12) *New*

September 14
The first spacecraft to reach the moon did so on September 14, 1959. The Luna 2, a Soviet spacecraft, landed on the moon and discovered it had no significant magnetic field. Do you think there will ever be a day when humans live on the moon? PDF

On this day in 1814, Francis Scott Key wrote “The Star Spangled Banner.”  As you may know, this song is our national anthem.  Explain what it means to you to be an American. PDF
Audio clip of song: http://memory.loc.gov/cocoon/ihas/loc.natlib.ihas.100010361/default.html

Today is “National Cream Filled Donut Day.” Donuts have changed over the decades. We started out with ... - Premium Prompt (Grades: K-12) *New*

September 15
September 15th is “National Make a Hat Day.”  Create your own hat and draw it on your paper.  Describe your hat and explain who would be most likely to use your hat. PDF

September 15th marks the beginning of Hispanic Heritage Month.  Using resources in the classroom, learn five (5) facts about this holiday and summarize them in your own words. PDF

Today is “International Dot Day.” Get inspired to make your mark, your dot, on the world. ... - Premium Prompt (Grades: K-12) *New*

Today is “Google.com Day.” A common phrase these days is: "Just Google It". What did people ... - Premium Prompt (Grades: K-12) *New*

DISCLAIMER: We have provided “suggested” grade levels for some of our writing daily prompts. These suggestions are made based on the content of the prompt, the interest level of the topic, or the level of background knowledge needed to have the most success possible with the prompt. Please remember that these are suggestions only and each prompt can be modified as needed by you, the teacher. Don’t hesitate to get creative and rework the prompt to best fit the age/needs of your students!

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