About The Teacher's Corner

The Teacher's Corner is based in Castle Rock, a town about 20 miles south of Denver, Colorado. It was started in 1996 as a hobby website by my wife, Jennifer Jensen, that provided links to teacher resources on the internet. In 1998 we decided to create our own resources and offer them free to teachers and parents.  In the years that follow, The Teacher's Corner grew and I joined in on her hobby. In 2005, it became a full time job.

The Teacher's Corner Timeline

We have continued growing and evolving for the last ~22 years and have maintained in our goal to remain free and provide useful tools for teachers and parents, while most other sites have moved to a 'pay-to-play' structure.  

How have we offered everything for free? I hear this all the time. Up to 2013, The Teacher's Corner used banner advertising to pay the bills (servers, bandwidth, programmers, designers, and more). We get paid a very small amount for everyone that views or clicks an advertisement on our site. The more people that visit our site, the more revenue The Teacher's Corner makes. We have always tried to make sure our users are not bombarded with advertisements, and that our content is always easy to find and use without intrusive advertising.

Not as easy at it seems... On February 24th, 2011, Google made a huge change in how they rank sites. The change put many compainies out of business! The Teacher's Corner was severely hurt by this change as well, and lost over 70% of its traffic (and 90% of its revenue) overnight. We had to consider making changes that require our users to pay for our premium services just so that we could keep the site operational. For about 2 years we really struggled to keep the site completely free to everyone, losing money every month. We continued working hard and looking for other ways to spread the word about The Teacher's Corner.

In mid 2013, we came to a point where we needed to generate more revenue. In an effort to keep our services free, we began creating and beta testing some premium services. These "premium services" offer additional functionality to our website and are offered at a very minimal charge to our users who are interested in these service and in supporting The Teacher's Corner.

Today, we continue to rely very heavily on our users spreading the word about The Teacher's Corner. Naturally, if you like something that you see, please tell a friend - or share it on Facebook, or Tweet about it - and do it often! If you see something that needs improvement, let us know!

Thank you for your support!

Chad Jensen
CEO JensenWeb, LLC.
dba The Teacher's Corner