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Classroom Management (Rewards & Systems)

Teacher ResourcesClassroom Management (Rewards & Systems) Tips & Tricks

The Teacher's Corner Resources Classroom VIP

Each day 1 child in my class is the VIP:
They wear a special sticker.
They sit on a special chair.
They choose a friend to take the register to the office/ messages to other classes etc with.
They go at the front of the line for assembly etc.

** Most importantly the other children have to think about that person and tell them what they do that is good eg. 'You are kind', 'You listen to the teacher', 'You try really hard with your writing' etc.**

Because the ideas come form the children it means much more to them and it really boosts them - see the smiles!
It sounds like a hassle but it only takes 5 minutes a day and really makes a difference.

The Teacher's Corner Resources Good Behavior Beads
I used this my first year teacher and it worked great for behavior. I let each child have a Ziploc bag in their desk. If a found someone doing something they should they got a bead. At times I would give more than one or maybe the entire class. An example is if we received a compliment for walking nicely in the hall. I would give everyone one when we returned. Then at the end of the month they should make them into necklaces. I try to use beads that go with the month or a holiday color. The kids love to see who has the most.
Submitted by: Ann House [email protected]

The Teacher's Corner Resources Message Center
An easy way to remind students of missing work and accomplishments.

Use a poster sized whiteboard (purchased for $10-12 at Wal-Mart) as a message center. Mount the board right next to the classroom door. (If you aren't able to put hardware into your wall, be sure to check out the awesome 3M Command Hanging options.) Tape printed labels with students names listed in ABC order to the whiteboard in two long columns. Leave enough space between columns to write a short reminder or note to students beside his/her name. Students are responsible for checking the board for messages. Write all messages in black. However, if a student has an assignment out (late/absent) write the last date the assignment will be accepted in red. Students read their note about a late or missing assignment without having to ask, "Do I have any work out?"
I have found that the message board gives me the freedom to leave a note immediately when I think about it. Now I don't have to remind myself to ask for assignments or remember to ask a student a particular question. I also love to write good notes on the message board. A good test score can be high-fived without class disruption and students love to see something nice written by their name.
Submitted by: Dedra Hall

The Teacher's Corner Resources Responsi-bills
An idea for encouraging responsibility for your students. I use an idea for encouraging responsibility for my third graders. I made some money and used them as responsi-bills. They are rewarded with bills each week. When they do not follow through with their responsibility they I take away a bill. They get to go to our classroom store each Friday and buy something if they have any money. The store is made up of items I have purchased and what parents send in. If you don't like to idea of taking money away then you can just award them a bill each time they do something good. Keep in mind that this way, it is time consuming. It really does help with their responsibility.
Submitted by: Cheryl Bramlett


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