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The Teacher's Corner Resources Snacks or Treats for Subs
For the last fifteen years I have left a simple and hopefully appreciated gesture for my substitutes. My school only has a soda machine, so I leave enough cash that they can buy themselves a soda at some point during the day. If your school has a snack machine, you might just make sure that the amount you leave could cover one or the other. One thing I love about our school is that we give all of our guest teachers a small baggie that contains a couple of mints and other small candies. I feel it's a small and sweet surprise for them.

If you don't like the idea of leaving cash...leave a treat. You could go in on a big package of treats from a discount store with your teammates. This would allow each of you to leave goodies and it might be a little cheaper and easier.

The Teacher's Corner Resources Substitute Information Sheet Grades All
Substitute Information SheetHere is a quick and easy way to share basic information for any substitute that may visit your classroom. Print and complete the form with all the information related to your classroom.

Visit your local teacher supply store and look for a special substitute folder. (You should be able to find a themed folder.) Once you have completed the information sheet, place it in the folder. You may also want to provide a copy for the office.
Submitted by: Jennifer