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The Teacher's Corner Resources Homework Board
Keep students and parents informed. On one side of your board, use decorative tape to mark off a section called "Homework". You may also want to divide the space even more for each day of the week. You can also add upcoming tests, field trips, school events, special days, etc. This type of a resource makes it easy for students to copy the information into their planners at the end of each day. You may also want to have a separate area for important events that are a little further out. If you don't have room on your main board, you can always use a smaller whiteboard off to the side. Keep parents informed of this same information by doing one of the following:

  • Post the information to your classroom site.
  • Include the information in a weekly email or text message.
  • Take a photo of the board and send via email, text, Twitter, or Instagram.

The Teacher's Corner Resources Keeping Track of Assignments
Generic Class ListNeed a quick way to check if your students have handed in their work? Here's an easy solution using a small checklist. I have created two different editable versions for you to use, or you can follow the steps below.

  1. You will want to use a word processing program. The first step is to adjust your margins (I used 0.4").
  2. Now you can insert either two columns or a table with four fields. Columns have different properties than tables, so you will have to "push" the content into the second column. If you decide to use a table, you can go into the properties and make them borderless.
  3. Type your students' names and if you use a number system in your class, you may want to include that as well.
  4. will have to do some tinkering with the font size and margins based on your individual document and amount of students.

Not up for creating your own? Click on the image to download the Word document or click HERE for the Google Doc. If you choose the Google Docs format, you will first need to "Make a Copy" to save it into your own Drive and begin the editing process. Both of the editable versions I've created use columns.

To set-off this list, copy on brightly colored paper. You might even want to use different colored paper for different subjects. Cut the sheets apart, resulting in four copies of your class list per sheet.

As you are collecting forms or assignments, paper clip a copy of your list to the front and simply check off each student's name as you receive their paper.
Submitted by: Jennifer


The Teacher's Corner Resources Make-Up Work
Whether you teach first grade or high school, keeping track of the work your students miss can be a nightmare! Here are two easy ways to get you started.

While you were goneWhile You Were Gone Page
I created a page that included boxes for each subject area. (Click on the image and download the document that I created.) Throughout the day, information regarding in-class work and homework are written on the page. This can be completed two different ways: as a classroom job or by the absent student's desk neighbor. Either way, the page is left on the student's desk, along with any hand-outs, for when they return. I've also purchased 3-5 folders of the same color, labeled them and then used those to house the page and handouts.

Wall File Box: Getting absent students' work to them during class takes up a lot of time. I put a labeled wall file box on a bulletin board for each of my classes. During class, I put the name of the absent student on the paper that he/she should have received for that day and put it in the appropriate file box. This way, the students can stop by and get their work anytime without disturbing the class. This really helped because I only see my students every other day. This system leaves no excuse for the work not to be completed by the next class session. Not only does this make them responsible for their work, but it forces them to talk to me if they have any questions.
Submitted by: Angie Mast, an eighth grade science teacher at Kokomo-Center Schools in Kokomo, Indiana. This tip was published in the NEA's Weekly "Works4Me" Email list.

The Teacher's Corner Resources Redo Papers
It never fails...student work that needs to be redone. The trick is keep these papers in a safe spot so you can get them back to the students. Here are a few teacher-tried tips to help prevent the loss of these re-do papers.

  1. Have a specific table or desk in your classroom that students can check each morning.
  2. Designate a certain location on your board.
  3. Create one of the cute magnetic clip to holder pictured. One is simply a magnet, while the other could hang on a magnetic or cling hook. The clip could be on your whiteboard or even on the metal around your doorway if you have it.