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Teacher Tips for the Classroom

Achievement Award Certificates Grades Any
Download dozens of awards and certificates that you can print out for your students. They are in PDF format that will allow you to type the student's name on the award before you print it. (These certificates are in PDF format.)

The Teacher's Corner Resources Clean Blackboards
"Here is a blackboard tip that eliminates yucky, wet cloths and sponges while keeping blackboards looking like new. I take a clean small towel and put a little bit of lemon oil on it. I place the towel in a Ziplock bag and leave it overnight so that the lemon oil soaks into the towel. After I erase the blackboard, I clean it with the towel and it removes all the chalk dust without leaving any streaks. The blackboards look like new. I add a couple of drops of lemon oil from time to time but there should not be so much on the cloth that it wets the board."
Submitted by: Marilyn Redmond , a second grade teacher at Roland Michener Public School in Kanata, Ontario, Canada. This tip was published in the NEA's Weekly "Works4Me" Email list.

The Teacher's Corner Resources Daily Schedule
Here is an easy way to let your students know what's going on each day. After you have decided on your daily schedule, start thinking artistically!
I used a program that had a large variety of fonts and letter types and created a heading for each subject of the day. After printing the heading out, I mounted them onto a piece of tagboard, just slightly larger than the original heading. I then laminated each heading. I found magnet strips at Office Depot. (They come in rolls and business card size.) I cut them to the needed size and placed them on the back of the laminated headings.
All I have to do each day is place the magnetic heading on the blackboard and write what we will be doing for that subject.
Submitted by: Jennifer [email protected]

The Teacher's Corner Resources Flip Chart Trick
Here's an inexpensive and easy idea to make classroom flip charts. "Turn any old notebook inside out, make a base out of cardboard to fit and attach it with duct tape. Flip charts have a million uses. I use mine to tell who's turn it is to use the computer, who gets to sit on the couch, who's turn it is for Show and Tell, etc. I also use flip charts to keep a running list of story starters for those who can't think of anything to write. I discovered this in a catalog. Flip charts were selling for $25 and I noticed they're only notebooks turned inside out with a base on them. Teachers are too smart for that!"
Submitted by: Janis Highley [email protected] , a first and second grade teacher in Battle Ground, Washington. This tip was published in the NEA's Weekly Tip Newsletter.

The Teacher's Corner Resources "I SPY" Clean-up
Make clean-up less of a hassle and more of a game! "We play 'I Spy' to clean up scraps on the floor after an art project. I visually identify a scrap on the floor without telling the students which one and say 'I Spy.' Kids pick up scraps and the student who finds the one I was looking at gets a sticker. We keep playing the game and giving stickers until all scraps are off of the floor. Kids love the game and it is a fast fun way to clean a room."
Submitted by: [email protected] his tip was published in the NEA's Weekly "Works4Me" Email list.

The Teacher's Corner Resources Whiteboard Mistakes
Have you written on your whiteboard with permanent marker? Here's a quick and easy solution! "Sometimes a marker is grabbed to write on the whiteboard and invariably, it turns out to be a permanent marker. A quick solution is to use the correct type of dry-erase marker to write over the permanent ink. This breaks down the permanent ink and the whole mess wipes away!"
Submitted by: Hank Rowe [email protected] , an eighth grade social studies teacher at Amphitheater Middle School in Tucson, Arizona. This tip was published in the NEA's Weekly "Works4Me" Email list.

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NEA 'Works4Me' Contributions: Some ideas were contributed by teachers to the NEA's Weekly "Works4Me" email list - be sure to follow this link to see other great ideas!

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