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Project Pumpkin

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I have a limited classroom budget. How much does participating in a project cost?
The cost for most, if not all, of The Teacher's Corner projects will be NOTHING! We understand how much money teachers have to spend each year and it is our goal to offer FREE resources and activities. If any supplies are needed to complete an activity, they will be basic everyday items. You can also ask parents to donate specific items if needed. Don't forget about your school and local city/county library!

What type of supplies do I need for this project?
Outside of the resources you will print from the web site, you will need the following supplies for Project Pumpkin:

  • three (3) pumpkins weighing 1-3 pounds each
  • scale
  • string, yarn, or a cloth measuring tape
  • ruler, yardstick, or meter stick (if you measure with a string)
  • knife
  • newspaper, drop cloth, or some type of surface covering for pumpkin cutting/cleaning
  • spoons or some type of scrapers
  • three (3) to six (6) bowls (for collecting seeds and pumpkin meat)

I have younger students. How can a manage this manage my students and participate in this project?
Parent volunteers!! They are a great asset to any classroom. Ask for parent volunteers to be in your classroom during the specific times you are working on the project.

How many people can register for one project?
There is no limit! That's the power of our collaborative projects. We do not limit our registration. The more classes that register the more collaboration that can take place.

I want to take photos of my students working on Project Pumpkin. What should I do?
Prior to taking photos for the Internet, make sure that you have the appropriate Media Release paperwork/documents for each student. You can check with your school's office or computer resource teacher to learn more about what your school and/or district require. Remember - we want to keep all students safe and respect their privacy.

Once you have your photos you can upload them to the Internet and email us the link. We will post the link on our Showcase page.

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