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Project Pumpkin

Project Pumpkin - Collaboration Project

This project will allow students to celebrate the fall, Halloween and/or harvest season. Classes from around the country, and the hopefully the world, will be collecting, sharing and analyzing data.

Project Pumpkin will have only one activity, with the main focus being math.

Classrooms will need three (3) pumpkins that range in weight from 1 to 3 pounds. Prior to cutting into the pumpkins, students will first make estimates and then take various measurements of each pumpkin. Students will then count the seeds contained within each pumpkin. All data can then be shared as you wish.

In addition to any necessary resources, worksheets and Internet links needed to complete the project, activities, lessons and extensions across the curriculum will also be provided with this project.

Are you and your students ready to make some tally marks?

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