Collaboration Projects

Collaboration Projects

Internet Collaboration Projects

Are you looking for creative ways to engage today’s learners while ensuring your lessons meet a variety of standards?  Collaborative projects offer learning experiences that are authentic, purposeful and engaging.

A number of you have connections with other classrooms via Google Hangouts, Skype Buddies, or pen pals. The Online Collaboration Projects offered by The Teacher’s Corner are learning activities that can provide you the opportunity to collaborate with one or more classrooms.

You will notice below that each project includes "Areas of Focus." This focus refers to the main collaboration portion of the project. Every project includes activity, lesson and extension ideas that span the curriculum. You will also notice that technology is embedded throughout every project.


Summer Vacation Project

How I Spent My Summer Vacation
Areas of Focus: Writing, Math and Art

Description: This project will help everyone get a new school year off to a great start while reliving some of the more memorable moments of summer vacation and reading the wonderful story by Mark Teague, How I Spent My Summer Vacation.




Project Pumpkin Project Project Pumpkin
Area of Focus: Math

Description: Project Pumpkin will allow students to celebrate the fall, Halloween and/or the harvest season. Classes will be collecting, sharing and analyzing pumpkin-related data.



December Tradition Project December Traditions
Areas of Focus: Culture and Art

Description: This project will allow students to share their family and/or cultural traditions during the December holidays.



Skittles Project What's At the End of the Rainbow?
Area of Focus: Math

Description: This particular project will allow students to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day and will provide them with real-time data. Using snack-sized packages of Skittles, classes from around the country, and the hopefully the world, will be collecting, sharing and analyzing data.



Poetry Power Project Poetry Power
Area of Focus: Writing

Description: Poetry provides students with power. The power to express their feelings, their point of view, demonstrate creativity, share their hopes & dreams, provide opinions, etc. Writing poetry can prove to be very motivational for students and less intimidating for some, as it allows them the freedom to "break" some of the writing rules. This project is meant to allow students to harness their power and share it with the world.





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