Daily Writing Prompts - May

May Writing Prompts

Daily Writing PromptsBelow are daily writing prompts for the month of May. The majority of the prompts are related to the various events on our May Events Calendar. These events include birthdays, holidays, monthly celebrations, and important dates in history. Some of the dates include two different writing prompts to choose from. You can download a PDF form of the writing prompt.

Even though your students may not be in class all the days of May, use the prompts from those days as additional writing practice.

Don't forget to also print a copy of our May Events Calendar. This will help you utilize the daily writing prompts.

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May 1
Today is “Mother Goose Day.”  Select two of your favorite Mother Goose Rhymes and combine them into one, new nursery rhyme that could possibly take place today. PDF

The first week of May is “Teacher Appreciation Week.”  Take a minute and think about all of the teachers you have had in school.  Write a paragraph describing the qualities of a “great” teacher.  PDF

May 2
The first week in May marks “National Postcard Week.”  Think about a subject or topic you are currently learning about in your classroom.  Draw and color a picture that represents this subject on one side of a blank index card.  On the other side, write a paragraph explaining the topic and why you selected it. PDF

May 3
May 3rd is “Space Day.”  We see the moon almost everyday.  Do you think we will ever live on the moon?  If we do inhabit the moon, what type of housing do you think we may construct?  After writing your thoughts, you may want to draw an illustration. PDF

May 3rd is “National Teacher’s Day.”  Plan and write a letter, or poem, to a teacher who has made a difference in your life. PDF

May 4
May 4th is “National Weather Observer’s Day.”  Different types of weather occur around the world.  What is your favorite type of weather?  Be sure to explain why you like this particular type of weather. PDF

May 5
May 5th is “Cinco de Mayo.”  This day marks the Mexican Army’s victory over the French at the Battle of Puebla.  Using resources in the classroom, learn five (5) facts about this event, Mexico and/or the Mexican culture.  Summarize your findings in your own words. PDF

The Freedom 7 space capsule took the first American, Alan Bartlett Shepard, Jr., to space on this day in 1961. If you had been the first American in space, how do you think you would have felt before, during and after your flight? PDF

May 6
The second week of May is “National Pet Week.”  Dogs are America’s most popular pet.  Why do you think so many people in America own dogs?  If you have a dog, what do you enjoy most about them?  If you don’t have a dog, would you like to own one?  Why or why not?    PDF

May 7
On this day the first stamp collection was started.  Do you collect anything?  If so, what do you collect and why did you decide to collect this item?  If not, is there an item you might like to collect?  Or why do you think people collect things?   PDF

May 8
Socks come in many colors and designs.  May 8th is “No Socks Day.”  If you could design a pair of socks that would best describe you, what would those socks look like?  What type of colors would you use?  What designs or patterns would be on them?  Would you include drawings?  Be sure to include all the details as well as a drawing.  PDF

May 9
On this day in 1754, the first newspaper cartoon was printed.  If your school had a newspaper and you were asked to write and draw a cartoon, what type of cartoon would you create?  After explaining what you would make and why, you can draw the actual cartoon.     PDF

On this day in 1754, the first American newspaper cartoon was published. Plan, write and illustrate your own cartoon. You may want to write about: a current event, your friends, your family, a subject at school, etc. PDF

May 10
May 10th is “National Clean Your Room Day.”  We have all let our room get a little too messy.  Write about something that you found during one of your room cleanings.  It can be something gross, something you thought you would never find again, or even something that you forgot you owned!  Describe the item and how it became lost in your room.   PDF

May 11
May 11th is “School Nurse Day.”  Your school nurse or health assistant sees all kinds of cuts, bruises and other injuries.  Describe the worst injury that you have experienced at school.   PDF

May 12
May 12th is “Limerick Day.”  After your teacher shares with you the guidelines for writing a limerick, as well as several limerick examples, you will write your own limerick.  After writing your poem, you may want to draw an illustration.  PDF

May 13
May 13th is Mother’s Day.  Use one of the sentence starters below:

  • The thing I love most about my mom is…
  • The activity I love to do most with my mom is…
  • We should celebrate moms because…
  • Being a mom is the most important job because… PDF

The last full week before Memorial Day is "National Backyard Games Week" so start planning! Create an afternoon or night of fun for your family! Plan several games that you could all enjoy. You may even want to draw a map of your backyard and decide where each game will be played. Don't forget, you could even invite the neighbors. PDF

May 14
On this day in 1804, the Lewis & Clark began.  Their journey had them exploring unknown land in the West.  Would you liked to have been a member of their expedition party?  Why or why not? PDF

May 15
May 15th is “National Chocolate Chip Day.”  Think about all the ways that chocolate chips can be used.  Create a new dessert that includes chocolate chips as an ingredient.  Explain how to make your new and yummy treat! PDF

May 16
On this day in 1866, the first US nickel, called the “Shield Nickel” was minted.  Over the past several years, a series of state quarters have been minted.  Design a new coin for your state that highlights an important place, event or symbol.  Be sure to include a description of your coin, along with a sketch. PDF

On May 16, 1929, the first Academy Awards ceremony was held. This is an annual event that honors film makers. Think back to some of the recent movies you have seen. In your opinion, which movie do you think should receive the Oscar? Be sure to explain why. PDF

May 17
On May 17, 1875, the first Kentucky Derby was held.  Using resources in the classroom, learn five (5) facts about the Kentucky Derby and summarize them in your own words.  PDF

May 18
On May 18, 1980, Mount St. Helens , a volcano that had long been dormant, erupted. Using resources in the classroom, learn five (5) facts about Mount St. Helens and summarize them in your own words. PDF

May 19
The third week in May is “National Police Week.”  Take a minute to reflect on the value of our police men and women.  Why is their help so valuable to the community? PDF

On May 19, 1884, the Ringling Brothers Circus premiered. What is your favorite act at the circus and why? PDF

May 20
On May 20, 1927, Charles Lindbergh took off in the airplane called the “Spirit of St. Louis” and became the first to fly the Atlantic Ocean alone.  In order to achieve this historic flight, Lindbergh had to be brave.  What is the bravest thing you have ever done?  Why do you consider this action to be considered brave? PDF

On this day in 1862 the Homestead Act was signed into law by President Lincoln. This act provided farmers to purchase land at a discounted price, hoping to encourage people to move West. Would you have taken part in the Homestead Act and moved your family West? Why or why not? PDF

May 21
On this day in 1881, the American Red Cross was founded by Clara Barton.  The Red Cross provides aide to people and communities in times of need.  Describe a time when you helped someone. PDF

May 22
May 22nd is “Buy-a-Musical Instrument Day.”  Do you play an instrument?  How long have you been playing?  Why did you decide to play this instrument?  If you don’t play an instrument, what instrument would you like to learn how to play?   PDF

On this day in 1803 the first public library in the United States opened its doors. Why do you think our public libraries and other public services are so important? PDF

May 23
Today is "Penny Day." Many people believe that if you find a penny face up, it might be lucky and you should pick it up. They also believe if you find a penny face down, you should leave it on the ground. What are your thoughts? Do you think there is such a thing as a "lucky penny?" PDF

May 24
On May 24, 1844, the first Morse Code message was sent from Washington, D.C. to Baltimore.  Using resources in your classroom, learn five (5) facts about Morse Code and summarize them in your own words.  If you have time, create your own “secret” code.  Create a message and the code’s key that someone can use to solve your message. PDF

May 25
May is “National Bike Month.”  If you could create a bicycle path through your neighborhood or town, where would the path lead?  Include a description of the sites and sounds someone would see along your bike path.  You may also want to include a map of your path. PDF

May 25, 1787 marked the beginning of the Constitutional Convention in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Using resources in your classroom, learn five (5) facts about Constitutional Convention and summarize them in your own words. PDF

May 26
Today is Memorial Day.  Once known as “Decoration Day,” this holiday commemorates the men and women who have died serving in the U.S. Military.  Using any form of poetry, write a poem honoring the brave men and women of the United States.  PDF

May 26th is “Blueberry Cheesecake Day.”  Create a new flavor of cheesecake.  What are the unique ingredients in your cheesecake?  Why did you select these ingredients?   PDF

May 27
On this day in 1937, the Golden Gate Bridge opened.  Using resources in the classroom, learn five (5) facts about the Golden Gate Bridge and summarize them in your own words. PDF

May 28
On this day in 1888, Jim Thorpe was born. Thorpe was an amazing athlete playing both professional sports and participating in the Olympics. Thorpe's achievements were recognized on a postage stamp. Think of another famous American you know about and create a postage stamp for their achievements.  PDF

May 29
On this day in 1917, the 35th President, John F. Kennedy was born.  For many of his school years, Kennedy attended a private school for boys.  Do you think that boys and girls should go to separate schools?  Why or why not?  PDF

May 30
On this day in 1848, the ice cream freezer was patented.  Choose one of the following to write about:

  • My favorite flavor of ice cream is…
  • Ice cream should be served at school because…
  • If I could create a new flavor of ice cream it…
  • I don’t like ice cream because…  PDF

May 31
“World No Tobacco Day” is celebrated on May 31st around the world.  Persuade someone to stop smoking or to stop using chewing tobacco.  Explain to them the dangers of tobacco products. PDF

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