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The content located on The Teacher's Corner is protected by U.S. and international copyright and intellectual property laws. Content/materials may NOT be copied, published or distributed except under the following general guidelines.


Print, Copy and Distribute Paper or PDF Copies any of the lesson plans, worksheets, calendars, activities, etc. (referred to as 'materials') on The Teacher's Corner to a limited audience (not to exceed 100 at any moment in time),


1. You do not remove any citation of credit on the materials. REQUIRED

2. You are using these materials for NON-COMMERCIAL purposes*. (see note below)

3. You do not use the materials on any other website or publication of any kind*. (see note below)

These conditions can only be amended with the express written consent of The Teacher's Corner.

* Special Exceptions to our 'Paper Copies Only' policy noted above:

Printable Worksheets (Commercial Use): In this section of the site (the URL starts with ''...) we generally allow our users to reprint the worksheets and puzzles they create, free of charge, for commercial (publication or mass distribution) use, provided they follow these guidelines:

  1. They must keep the citation to on every puzzle or worksheet being republished. (the verbiage that we place on a worksheet may vary)
  2. You must email us outlining your intended use:
    SUBJECT: "Printable Worksheet Republication Request"
    Please include as many details as possible, i.e. type of worksheet(s) used (math, crossword, etc), type of publication, name of publication or website URL (if applicable). Include your full name as well.
  3. Please indicate in your email that you will keep the citation on every worksheet/puzzle you republish.

We will review the information you provide, and reply with any further information needed or an approval notice (written permission). You must have that written permission to use our worksheets/puzzles legally. NOTE: providing us as much pertinent information as possible about your intended use will speed this process up greatly.

Printable Worksheets (Private Use): No permission is need to distribute copies of worksheets you create using our generators provided it is for private use (i.e. Classroom or Home Use).

Daily Writing Prompts: If you have the ability to block public access to our writing prompts (ie. by password), then you can contact us to request a special license to use our writing prompts on an internet/intranet website. To qualify, you MUST:

  1. be willing and able to block access to the public by password.
  2. cite your source by stating "Reprinted with permission from:" on every page that has our writing prompt on it.

NO COMMERCIAL USE and NO PUBLIC WEBSITE use is allowed for our Daily Writing Prompts.

To obtain a Special Use license, send us an email with your name, school name, website URL, and URL of where you plan to use our prompts. Be sure to confirm in your email that you will cite the source as stated above, and will password protect our prompts from being accessed by the general public.

Linking to Us

You may link to any HTML (web) page on The Teacher's Corner. We do ask that you do not link directly to PDF or WORD files.


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Please note that posts containing advertisements, chain letters, pyramid schemes, and solicitations are inappropriate in the Forums, and will be subject to removal and the responsible may be banned from use. Other questions may be answered in the Forum Rules/FAQ.

Material Submission

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Limitation of Liability

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