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Uri Shulevitz born, 1935

Henry Wadsworth Longfellow born, 1807

International Polar Bear Day

John Steinbeck born, 1902

Public Sleeping Day

Gold Seekers arrived in San Francisco (1849)

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We have been having another great year of collaboration projects! The collaboration projects are learning activities that provide collaboration between two or more classrooms.  The participating classrooms will be from various locations around the world, will use the Internet to interact with one another and will be working on a similar topic for a specific length of time.  Using the Internet students and teachers will share their activities, findings and reflections. In addition to student collaboration, teachers will also be provided with the necessary tools to collaborate with one another. Registration for December Traditions is now open!

Every month we are adding NEW and FREE printable worksheets. Visit our new Seasonal Printable Worksheets page...you will find resources for the upcoming holidays. And don't forget to check out the Printable Math Worksheets page where you can create your own customized worksheets for your kids

Other free printable worksheets offered by The Teacher's Corner include: Sudoku Puzzles, Brain Teasers, Word Searches, Word Scrambles, Match-up Worksheets, Crossword Puzzle Maker, Time Worksheets, Money Worksheets, Coloring Pages, Printable Calendars, Printable Maps, Cloze Sentence, Fill in the Blank, Maze Maker, and Graph Worksheets! And remember:

  • They are all FREE - you don't have to subscribe!
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  • You can also print pre-made word searches!

We have also added a Bulletin Board Patterns page. Some of the patterns can be used with those already featured on The Teacher's Corner, but others are ready for whatever use you may have for them. Be sure to send us photographs of your bulletin boards! We would love to see how the patterns are being used!

We hope that you are still finding the Daily Writing Prompts, a helpful resource for your classroom. Remember, on the majority of days, we have selected an event from our monthly event calendars to be the focus of the writing prompt.

We continue to receive requests from around the world on a daily basis for our FREE Pen Pal service! Visit the page today and learn about the amazing feature we added this year that you won't see anywhere else! Visit the Pen Pals page, view the over 500 requests and make a match for your classroom.

The Teacher's Corner has teamed with CareerBuilder to provide our users with the latest career opportunities. Be sure to drop off your resume, or get help improving it! Also, if you are looking to hire a new staff member, check out our employer resources! Teaching Jobs and Careers.

We are looking for additional message board moderators. If you are interested, view the details in the post under "Announcements" on the Teacher Chat Forums.

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Ice & Snow

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Health & Nutrition

Seasonal Activities Seasonal ActivitiesCOLLABORATION PROJECTS
Our most recent project, December Traditions, allowed students to share their family and/or cultural traditions during the December holidays. View student work on the Showcase page. The next project, What's At the End of the Rainbow?, will begin in March.

Daily Writing Prompts that focus on our monthly event calendars. View the Daily Writing Prompts for February today!

We have great February lesson plans & activities & February bulletin boards.

We have great Winter lessons & activities, Winter printable worksheets and Winter bulletin boards.

We have great Black History lessons & activities and Black History printable worksheets & February bulletin boards.

THE SUPER BOWL - February 1st
We have great Super Bowl lessons & activities and Super Bowl printable worksheets.

GROUNDHOG DAY - February 2nd
We have great Groundhg Day lessons & activities and Groundhog Day printable worksheets & January bulletin boards.

VALENTINE'S DAY - February 14th
We have great Valentine's Day lessons & activities and Valentine's Day printable worksheets & February bulletin boards.

CHINESE NEW YEAR - February 19th
We have great Chinese New Year lessons & activities and Chinese New Year printable worksheets.

PRESIDENT'S DAY - February 14th
We have great President's Day lessons & activities and President's Day printable worksheets &February bulletin boards.

We have great March lesson plans & activities & March bulletin boards.

Daily Writing Prompts that focus on our monthly event calendars. View the Daily Writing Prompts for March today!

The Iditarod, St. Patrck's Day, Easter, Baseball, and more!

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Microwave Ice

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