Let the Games Begin! - Winter Olympics

Let the Games Begin! - Winter Olympics - Activity TWO

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Activity Two: I've Invented a New Winter Olympic Sport!

In this activity, students have the opportunity to invent their own Winter Olympic sport. They may choose to combine some existing sports or create a brand new event.

Students will want to include the following information for their sport:
1. Name
2. Number of players
3. Object of the sport
4. Rules that participants must follow
5. Equipment and playing area needed for the sport
6. Any additional information they feel is necessary to share.

Along with the description, students will need to include a drawing of their new sport.

Once students have created both their description and illustration, their work is ready to be shared with the world. You may choose from a variety of upload options: web page, wiki, Voice Thread, SlideShare, and Smilebox. Download the directions for uploading your student work.

Printable Directions for Activity Two
Directions for uploading your student work

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