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Let the Games Begin! - Winter Olympics
Welcome to The Teacher's Corner latest Online Collaboration Project. The project is open to any K-12 classroom and will run from February 1, 2018 - March 2, 2018. Registration for this project is OPEN!

This project will help everyone honor our Olympic athletes and capture the Olympic spirit!

Activity One: My Favorite Winter Olympic Sport - In this activity, students have the opportunity to share which Winter Olympic sport is their favorite and to explain why they like this particular sport.

Activity Two: I've Invented a New Winter Olympic Sport! - In this activity, students have the opportunity to invent their own Winter Olympic sport. They may choose to combine some existing sports or create a brand new event.

Activity Three: The Olympic Spirit - This is a very open-ended activity and requires students to examine what the Olympic Spirit personally means to them. They can do this through writing, drawing, an art medium, photography, or a combination of these elements.

All activities will include any necessary resources, worksheets and Internet links needed to complete the project.

EDMODO COLLABORATION: For this project we have created an Edmodo group that will allow you and your students to collaborate with the other participating classes. In addition to submitting a link to your students' work via email to me, you can also post the link within the Edmodo group. After I have received your registration, you will receive an email that contains the group's Join URL. (This is a locked group, so once you request to join I will have to approve the request.) If you do not already have an Edmodo account, they are free and easy to create! Visit the main page, click on "I'm a Teacher" and begin the registration. https://www.edmodo.com/

Each Tuesday and Thursday during the Olympics I will post a "Note" to the group. The note will have some type of question or prompt for you and yours students to complete. I will also be posting a "Poll" these same days. Please remember that both of these are completely optional. Other then the Note and Poll, there are no specific guidelines for the Edmodo group, but here are a few ideas for collaborating:

-Be sure to share your location and grade level with the group.

-Share ideas, lessons and resources with the other teachers.

-Ask for help regarding the project.

-You can share your Skype or Facetime information if you are interested in additional collaboration.

Are you ready to show the heart of a true Olympian?

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