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As mentioned on the main project page, students will not only be learning about various forms of poetry, but they will be putting pen to paper in order to plan and draft a number of poems.

Poetry Portfolio
Over the course of the project, students can create a "Poetry Portfolio." This portfolio will contain all of their work from this project. This includes:

  • Overviews/rules and examples of the various forms of poetry.
  • The poems that students plan and write within each of the poetry forms.

As the teacher, you will be able to determine exactly what this portfolio looks like, based on the ages and needs of your students. You will need to keep the following in mind:

  • Which forms of poetry will you introduce/review with your students?
  • How long will you spend on each form?
  • Will you require that students plan/write a specific number of poems for each form?
  • What will the portfolio physically look like? Will it be a separate packet or will you use a folder/spiral that the students currently have?

At the conclusion of the project, students will be asked to select one poem from their portfolio to publish. Published poems are ready to be shared with the world. You may choose from a variety of upload options: web page, wiki, Voice Thread, SlideShare, and Smilebox. Directions will be provided for uploading. Once students have their poems published to the Internet, participating classes will have the opportunity to comment on their work.

You will find two resources for each form of poetry. Visit the "Poetry Printables" page to access these resources.

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