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Poetry provides students with power and in our world's current situation it's never been more true. The power to express their feelings, their point of view, demonstrate creativity, share their hopes & dreams, provide opinions, etc. Writing poetry can prove to be very motivational for students and less intimidating for some, as it allows them the freedom to "break" some of the writing rules. This project is also meant to allow students to harness their power and share it with the world.

As you may or may not know, April is National Poetry Month. A number of teachers take advantage of this and often plan their poetry units around this time of year. For 2020, we are starting poetry month early! In a typical poetry unit, students often publish one or more poems. The "Poetry Power" project will provide students the opportunity to learn about various forms of poetry and then you can share their original creations with a global audience.

There is no "poetry knowledge" needed! Within this project we have included any necessary resources, worksheets and Internet links needed...and they are all free!

Are you and your students ready to share the power of poetry?

Any problems? Please let us know!