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My classroom is a place of constant teamwork and it's a positive place to be. Each student has the opportunity to receive tickets that can be purchased at your local Wal-Mart or made on the computer. When a cooperative group shows good behavior, a student gives a correct answer, or the whole class receives a compliment the students get tickets. On Friday of each week they can turn in their tickets. The rewards consist of 5 tickets-sticker box, 10 tickets small treasure box (pencils, small items from oriental trading), 15 tickets large treasure box, 25 tickets-free homework pass, 35 tickets-eat lunch in the room with a friend, 45 tickets- teacher buys you lunch or ice cream.

This can be arranged in any fashion. The students also are put in cooperative groups by our rooms theme which is "Sports." I have groups with mobiles that hang from the ceiling that consist of a baseball group, basketball, soccer, and football. I call on groups by calling out their sports name.

The students have labels of these groups on the board. They have the opportunity to receive more tickets when their group has received 10 tally marks beside their groups label. That group will earn 5 tickets. We also have a whole class chain that we use for the whole class completing a task or good behavior. When the chain hits the floor the class is rewarded with a afternoon movie, extra reading time, ice cream, a reading from the principal, extra science experiment time, etc. These tallies are placed on the board for all to see. The students have cards with their names on them and the letters S+ (gold card), S- (yellow card), N (green card), U (red card) At the end of each day the helper rewards those that stayed on gold with 5 free tickets. At the beginning of each morning I sign my students agenda with a Smiley face and they have the opportunity to keep the smiley face at the end of the day if they don't pull a card. If they land on N their smiley will turn to a frown and a note will be written below with a comment from me and the student to
their parent.
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