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Below we have a bunch of suggestions to help with Classroom Management. Bad behavior, listening skills, crying and more. Please be sure to contact us if you have ideas that would help others!

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The Teacher's Corner Resources Classroom Contract Grades ALL
Classroom ContractHere is a classroom contract that you can use with your students. Keep copies of the contract on hand. When needed, provide students a copy of the contract with the violation checked.

Submitted by: Jennifer, The Teacher's Corner

The Teacher's Corner Resources Behavior Reflection Grades Various
This is a basic form that students can use to reflect on their behavior. The age of your students will determine the support they need to complete the form. It’s not included on the form, but you may want to require a parent signature on the reflection as well. You will find two forms, each are 2 pages long: Behavior Management with lines and Behavior Management without lines.
Behavior Reflection Form - LinedBehavior Reflection Form - No Lines
Submitted by: Jennifer

The Teacher's Corner Resources Substitute Information Sheet Grades All
Substitute Information SheetHere is a quick and easy way to share basic information for any substitute that may visit your classroom. Print and complete the form with all the information related to your classroom.

Visit your local teacher supply store and look for a special substitute folder. (You should be able to find a themed folder.) Once you have completed the information sheet, place it in the folder. You may also want to provide a copy for the office.
Submitted by: Jennifer

The Teacher's Corner Resources Classroom Volunteers Grades All
Keep your classroom volunteers organized! Use on our monthly printable calendars to customize the schedule for your classroom volunteers. Enter their name on the days they will be volunteering that month. You can then print and distribute the calendars.
Submitted by: Jennifer

The Teacher's Corner Resources Very Important Parents - Classroom Volunteers Grades All
Very Important Parents FormGive your parents an opportunity to get involved in your classroom. Print and distribute this form at the beginning of the school year. Information collected on this form will help you organize your classroom.
Submitted by: Jennifer

The Teacher's Corner Resources Late Homework Slips Grades Various
Late Homework SlipsThese slips will help hold students accountable for their late homework assignments. Use a large piece of poster board and attach a library pocket for each student. On the outside of each pocket, write a number. Students will use the pocket that corresponds to their classroom number. (Doing this allows you to reuse the board each year.) You will need to place four slips in each of the pockets. The first three slips should be copied on the same color of paper (ie: yellow) and the fourth slip should be on a different color (ie: salmon).

If a student has a late assignment, they must complete the slip, get a parent’s signature, attach the slip to the completed late work, and hand it in. Keep a small 3”x5” sized file card box to store the returned slips.

Prior to beginning this system, you will want to determine the time period for when you will want to replenish all students’ pockets.
Submitted by: Jennifer

The Teacher's Corner Resources Late Assignment Note Grades All
Late Assignment NoteThis is a quick and easy way to let parents know of a student’s late assignment. Copy the note on brightly colored paper. Once students have completed the note, have them staple it to their work.
Submitted by: Jennifer

The Teacher's Corner Resources Behavior Action Plan Sheet Grades All
Behavior Action Plan SheetThis form is intended to be used in your classroom for students to record misbehavior. You can make multiple copies to either store in a binder or on a clipboard. Students sign their name, mark the day of the week and indicate their actions.
Submitted by: Jennifer

The Teacher's Corner Resources Crying Students Grades Primary
Have children who cry for their parents everyday at the beginning of the school year ask them to bring in a photo of Mommy and Daddy or their family and let them leave it on their desks. This one usually works for my little ones.
Submitted by: Gina Ferrell - McNeill, MS

The Teacher's Corner Resources Responsi-bills
I use an idea for encouraging responsibility for my third graders. I made some money and used them as responsi-bills. They are rewarded with bills each week. When they do not follow through with their responsibility they I take away a bill. They get to go to our classroom store each Friday and buy something if they have any money. The store is made up of items I have purchased and what parents send in. If you don't like to idea of taking money away then you can just award them a bill each time they do something good. Keep in mind that this way, it is time consuming. It really does help with their responsibility.
Submitted by: Cheryl Bramlett

The Teacher's Corner Resources Classroom VIP

Each day 1 child in my class is the VIP:
They wear a special sticker.
They sit on a special chair.
They choose a friend to take the register to the office/ messages to other classes etc with.
They go at the front of the line for assembly etc.

** Most importantly the other children have to think about that person and tell them what they do that is good eg. 'You are kind', 'You listen to the teacher', 'You try really hard with your writing' etc.**

Because the ideas come form the children it means much more to them and it really boosts them - see the smiles!
It sounds like a hassle but it only takes 5 minutes a day and really makes a difference.

The Teacher's Corner Resources Good Behavior Beads
I used this my first year teacher and it worked great for behavior. I let each child have a Ziploc bag in their desk. If a found someone doing something they should they got a bead. At times I would give more than one or maybe the entire class. An example is if we received a compliment for walking nicely in the hall. I would give everyone one when we returned. Then at the end of the month they should make them into necklaces. I try to use beads that go with the month or a holiday color. The kids love to see who has the most.
Submitted by: Ann House frstgradetchr@email-removed

The Teacher's Corner Resources Listening Skills Grades Any
Lessons that will help you improve your student's listening skills.
Submitted by: Jane Carlson-Pickering, M.I. Smart! Program Coordinator

The Teacher's Corner Resources Questioning Behavior
"When one of my students has a discipline problem I go into my file cabinet and take out a previously copied form. There are four questions on the form. The questions are: 1) What did I do wrong? 2) Why wasn't my action acceptable? 3) What should I have been doing instead? 4) What will I do in the future? I read the completed form over with the student to make sure all facts are correct and then mail the forms home to the parents. This system forces the students to own up to their actions. I've found that it works wonderfully in curbing behavior problems."
Submitted by: Laraine Reisner lreisner@email-removed, a fourth grade teacher in Los Angeles, California. This tip was published in the NEA's Weekly Tip Newsletter.

The Teacher's Corner Resources Student Line-Up
Strategies Grades Any Find new, creative ways to line-up your students.
Submitted by: Marion Dmdunk@email-removed

The Teacher's Corner Resources Class List Resource
Class List ResourceThis is an idea for keeping track of which students have completed work, handed in a form, etc. I have included four lists on one page which allowed me to have small pieces of paper to use as needed.

You can also make copies of your class list on different colored paper for the different subjects and/or projects in your classroom.
Submitted by: Jennifer


Attention Deficit Disorder
Help improve your management skills.

Discipline With Dignity
This highly successful program has been used in thousands of schools all across the US, and throughout the world in developing responsibility in children, reducing aggression and violence, dealing successfully with difficult students, and giving hope to at risk children. Our site has information about our concepts, structures, products and programs.

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