Geography Lesson Plans

Map Scale

Here is an idea I used this year that my class enjoyed. I made a large pizza on brown kraft paper (which was the crust. I cut a circle of red bulletin board paper which was a little smaller than the crust. I covered it with yellow strips for cheese. On that I put cutouts of mushrooms, pepperoni, olives, etc., along with a couple large paper flies. I then gave each of the cutouts a number. I added a map scale of 1" =10 miles. I gave 10 questions which the kids had to come up and answer by using a piece of string to measure between the objects and then laying the string on the map scale.

Some of the questions were: What is the distance between Mushroom 1 and Fly 7? What is the distance between Pepperoni 2 and Olive 5? Then the students each made their own pizza map on a large sheet of paper and made up questions for their map. This was lots of fun and they seemed to understand pretty well.
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